Simple make your own stamp card!

Try this at home!

Cut out a rectangle from a styrofoam meat tray, to fit your cardstock.

Draw a simple design with a sharp pencil.

Use acrylic paint (tube) and put a very very small amount of color on the stamp.

Turn the stamp over, on to the cardstock front, and using a brayer (or rolling pin, or dowel) press evenly over all the foam. Lift stamp, and you have a card! Embellish with pen, or any other media you like! You don't have to be an artist to have your card come out really fun! Try it!!!


Add your own words!

Feel free to change in photoshop! I am enjoying the process! Add your own words, 
and other fun decor! Make a card from this for Operation Write Home!


Fabric Painted ...Color Backgrounds


Hand sewn blocks!

Fun to create with scraps, takes just an evening of cutting, and stitching! You will end up with backgrounds for cards! The first is a photo of an actual square, the second I popped into photo-shop and used the cutout button! Play with ideas! You might add words on the lighter fabric area!


Primitive Snowman for you!

See what other changes you can make with photoshop, or other programs! Have fun! Add words, and send to friends!


Creative new ideas for the NEW YEAR!

December brings snow in my area, and it is chilly and invigorating!

Winter scenes are fun to paint, and I will be adding a few here for you to use (just save the photos by right clicking and print out on quality paper! Yes, you may, but not for profit, please! (and thanks!)
Any creativity I put on this blog is for you to use ... for your own use, or a gift, or for the troops via Operation Write Home!

Enjoy the process, and give with a loving heart! That is all I ask...:O) Come back often, as I will be adding photos soon!! Thanks for being here! Hugs, Debi!